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Yamaha Robotics Holdings Co., Ltd. is the holding company for Yamaha Motor's semiconductor manufacturing equipment (back-end process) business.
In July 2019, Yamaha Motor Corporation, Shinkawa Corporation, and APIC YAMADA Corporation merged their businesses to form Yamaha Motor Robotics Holdings Corporation (formerly known as Yamaha Motor Corporation), a holding company with Yamaha Motor Corporation as its parent company.
The company was delisted from the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in May 2020. The company became a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamaha Motor and changed its name to Yamaha Robotics Holdings, Inc. in January 2021.
Shinkawa Corporation, APIC YAMADA Corporation, and PFA Corporation, which develop, manufacture, and sell semiconductor manufacturing equipment, are the operating companies of Yamaha Robotics Holdings and support the Holdings.

The birth of Japan's first total solution provider

Semiconductors and electronic components are the key infrastructure that supports the digital society, including 5G, big data, AI, IoT, and automated driving. They are used in a wide variety of products, such as PCs, smartphones, automobiles, home appliances, and factory equipment, and demand for them is growing.
As semiconductors and electronic components become smaller and thinner, they are required to have higher performance, and new needs are increasing, such as high integration and heterogeneous integration, which are difficult to produce with conventional production processes.

Yamaha Robotics Holdings provides a variety of manufacturing equipment for semiconductor back-end processes, and together with Yamaha Motor's solutions for surface mounting processes and industrial robots, will meet the diversifying needs of semiconductor and electronic component production as a "total solution provider from Japan.

Beautiful and smart "Solutions from Yamaha"

Yamaha Motor and Yamaha Robotics Holdings will combine Japan's manufacturing capabilities to create value that exceeds customer expectations as a borderless turnkey solution provider for semiconductor back-end processes and electronic component mounting processes, and provide optimal "1 STOP SMART SOLUTION".

Solutions created by the strengths of an operating company

The operating companies that support Yamaha Robotics Holdings, Inc. combine their strengths in "connecting," "solidifying," "cutting," "assembling," and "diagnosing" with "transport" technologies to create robotics solutions that are easy for customers to use and realize stable production.
Our goal is to provide robotics solutions that are easy for customers to use and achieve stable production, and to pursue high-quality, high-performance manufacturing.


Shinkawa Corporation

Shinkawa Corporation provides various bonding equipment solutions such as Die Bonding (DB), Wire Bonding (WB), Flip Chip Bonding (FC), etc., which connect semiconductor chips and substrates, based on the core technology of "Connecting".


APIC YAMADA Corporation

Apic Yamada's main business is the molding process for the "hardening" of semiconductor packages, and we provide unique molding technology, molding equipment, and molding dies. We also provide "cutting" solutions using our ultra-precision molds, lead processing equipment, processing molds, lead frames and parts.


PFA Corporation

PFA Corporation has an extensive lineup of assembly and manufacturing equipment necessary to 'assemble' semiconductors, electronic components, and other products. This equipment is used in the production of camera modules, crystal devices, and flat panel displays (FPDs). PFA also provides inspection and testing equipment to meet the needs for unmanned and labor-saving operations.

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