Management Philosophy

Mission Role that Our Group shall play to greatly contribute to human society with our robotics technologies.

Bring “Kando” to everyday life with our robotics technology.

Utilizing our robotics know-how, we will produce highly innovative and cutting edge technologies for everyday use, and bring "Kando" to the world.

※ “Kando“is a Japanese word for the simultaneous feelings of deep satisfaction and intense excitement that we experience when we encounter something of exceptional value.

Vision Model that Our Group shall create to achieve Mission in medium and long term.

Speed and flexibility.
Robotics technologies to maximize manufacturing potential.

By utilizing the best robotics technologies, we aim for the highest quality products and services.
Our number one priority is to assist customers in creating a brighter future with speed and flexibility.

By embracing diversity and change,
we aim for dynamic outcomes.

By embracing diversity and upgrading our products and services, we continue to prioritize and exceed customer expectations, maximizing profits and opportunities for all stakeholders.

Value Principal, Attitude and Concept of each staff member of Our Group.

Adventurous spirit

Always flexible and embracing new challenges, generating “Kandofor our customers


Achieving our missions in professional manners with emphasis on proactive and speedy actions


Respecting diversity, embracing talents and creating synergies

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