As a leading company of the semiconductor manufacturing equipment, we continue to be at the forefront of technology

"Semiconductors are used in many products around us; namely, personal computers, cell phones, digital cameras, game consoles, home appliances such as air conditioners and televisions, and means of transportation such as cars and airplanes. It is no exaggeration to say that semiconductors support the development of industries and livelihoods.
Shinkawa is a manufacturer of ""bonding equipment,"" which is indispensable in manufacturing semiconductors.
Bonding means ""to connect"" and a bonder is to interconnect semiconductor chips and lead frames.
Our bonding equipment allows for a precise and speedy operating environment in a world of 1/1000th of a millimeter."

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The Shinkawa Brand, trusted from all over the world

Shinkawa takes clients' needs and technological trends in advance,
and has built systems of development, design, and manufacturing to create innovative products.
By prioritizing clients' needs, Shinkawa provides prompt and detailed services ranging from
marketing activities to product development, sales, and technical support after delivery.
Shinkawa has established its own brand through various business activities and worldwide manufacturing
from a global perspective, and the company enjoys high trust from its clients all over the world.

Shinkawa's bonding equipment is "a robot with magical eyes, arms, and brain"

"It is the crystallization of wisdom and technologies from various fields such as mechanical, electrical, software, and process. The ultra-precise and ultra-high speed technology evolved in the microscopic world that cannot be seen with the naked eyes will take your breath away. Simultaneously, semiconductors are more refined and highly integrated, and are becoming much smaller, thinner, and lighter.
Shinkawa continues to be at the forefront of technology by introducing industry-leading technologies such as image recognition and digital signal processing!"

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