PFA Corporation Business

The most advanced technology and flexibility.
We can support the customers powerfully.

Electronis industry has limitless possibilities. The creativity and speed are essential in the growing
market place which has various need. We are providing the manufacturing equipment which can
contribute to the customer's business, and the best solution for the customer by our expertise which
we acquired over forty years by the development experience of manufacturing and our advanced
technology. Our basic manufacturing policy is to understand the customer, and to provide a new added
value for them.

We make the most of our accumulated know how and vanguard technologies.
We launch products at the right time for the right market.

We at PFA have a wealth of experience and technology in the area of bonders and inspection devices.
And, by applying that experience and technology, we are the front runners in production devices for
crystal devices and camera modules. The know how that comes with such accomplishments is used to
develop production equipment loaded with original ideas that meet the needs of new products such as
MEMS application products and new electronic components. Moreover, we will keep challenging for technological innovation,
using our known strengths of speed and flexibility as our tools.

We distribute to an improvement in productivity
by offering a reliable solution

Our policy is to think and solve with customers what is the best for them through the communication
with them, andmanufacture the high-quality equipment which can produce as it’s delivered. We
consitently offer the machine planning, designing・manufacturing and after sevice as the partner who
pioneers the future wth the customers.

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