Total technology to support the increased efficiency of semiconductor production as a whole

The POP,"Point of Production" concept is solution-oriented and APIC YAMADA would like to propose it to its customers to further
increase the efficiency of their semiconductor production.
The concept aims to establish a production system designed ti flexibly respond to modern market trends, thus enabling
fail-safe delivery of parts and products to be supplied exactly as needed in terms of quantity and timing.
This kind of flexibility and efficient systems need to be incorporated throughout the entire processes of the production line,
not only to enable the startup of mass production in the shortest possible timeframe but also to greatly enhance trial manufacture
and initial sample shipment.
Any attempt to increase efficiency should always be pursued by taking the preceding and subsequent processes into account,
rather than by just simply focusing on a particular single process.
This combined approach, we believe, will smoothly lead to enhanced overall assembly line performance.
It is from this standpoint that APIC YMADA offers integrated production support to its customers from a three-pronged approach.

We develop the most advances technologies to actualize the "Speed & Intelligence"
ideal, a much-needed innovation of these times.

In order to meet the expectations of the ever-advancing semiconductor industry, APIC YAMADA continually pushes forward with
research and development in a wide range of technological fields encompassing the assembly of semiconductors.
Always on the alert for worldwide semiconductor industry trends, the corporation pursues a wide range of R&D themes,
from the basic research into semiconductor packaging materials and the development of applied technologies through to
technical developments aiming at ever-streamlining the semiconductor manufacturing environment.
These energetic efforts have resulted in a number of successes and achievements, including the FAME® which is much acclaimed
as a major breakthrough in molding technology.
And many have been put into commercial production as products of our own.
Furthermore, joint R&D activities and technical tie-ups with our customers as well as joint studies with universities and
other research institutions are actively pursued.
Through such multi-channeled R&D endeavors, APIC YAMADA seeks to create even more valuable and user-friendly products.

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