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Wire Bonder

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High Speed Wire Bonder adaptable to wide frames and suitable for LED and discrete production


  • Platform featuring high speed bonding of 42ms/0.7mm (45ms/2 mm) with completely updated X, Y and Z motors
  • Bonding accuracy of±3.0μm(3σ)achieved
  • Capable of indexing 102mm x 300mm lead frames by allowing Y bonding area of 95mm
  • Simultaneous detection and bonding capability in X and Y directions
  • Applicable to Cu wire due to addition of Cu kit

Usage examples

Connect with chain bonds: Capillary Wedge Bonding (CWB)

NAND flash memories, widely used as a storage medium such as the familiar USB memory stick, and for large-scale cloud servers, are produced by stacking many dies for increased capacity. Signals from the stacked dies are transmitted through bonded fine metal wires. Conventionally, to bond wires on stacked dies, it is necessary to bond the wire, terminate it, and then bond additional wires on the subsequent steps. This is a time-consuming task and has been one of the productivity bottlenecks in NAND flash memory production.

Shinkawa has developed a high speed bonding method using CWB and CWB with bump (CWBB) technologies which allows multi-stack wire bonding in a single, continuous cycle without terminating wires. Shinkawa continues to refine this technology so that a wide range of customers can benefit from its short cycle time.

UTC-5000WE NeoCu使用例1

From connecting to making: the wire bonder as electronic device manufacturing equipment

Conventionally, a wire bonder has been widely used as a machine for connecting electrical signals. The connecting demand will never go away, and in fact, it has propelled us to create a wire bonder that can place and shape wires freely. Its capability allows the wire bonder to evolve into an electronic component manufacturing machine by creating coils – important parts of electronic components.

For example, it is possible to create coils with specific impedance or create supplementary coils for circuit adjustment. Shinkawa is continually working on new challenges based on wire bonding technology.

UTC-5000WE NeoCu使用例2

Bond Inspection Measurement (BIM)

BIM is the capability to correct bonding position by feedback of the positional deviation of each bonding position from the pad center using images captured after bonding. It corrects in real time any positional deviation due to disturbances during the bonding operation, and stabilizes the bonding accuracy.


Free Air Ball Measurement (FAM): Automatic free air ball size monitoring capability

FAM is a unique technology of Shinkawa which monitors free air ball (FAB) diameter during wire bonding, and detects its abnormality at the same time, to stabilize the diameter. To detect abnormality, the function to monitor capillary tip position – called reference positioning system (RPS) – is utilized. FAM is a key technology to support the highly reliable bonding of the UTC-5000 series.


Product Specifications

Product NameWire Bonder
Bonding Accuracy±3.0 μm (3 σ), (The bonding accuracy changes depending on the conditions of device and temperature)
Bonding Speed42 ms/0.7 mm wire (45 ms/2 mm wire)
(with loop control and force detection mode) Using Shinkawa standard device
Bonding Wire Length4 mm maximum (Varies depending on device conditions)
ResolutionXY table: 0.1 μm, Z-axis: 0.1 μm
Vibration ControlShinkawa NRS - Non Reaction Servo System
Bonding AreaX: 66mm - Camera offset, Y: 95mm - Camera offset
Wire SizeAu φ18–50 μm
Bonding Force3~1,000gf
No. of Bonding Wires12,000 wires maximum
Loader / UnloaderFully automatic magazine stacker system (Option: stocker system)
Workpiece SizeWidth
0.1 - 0.5 mm (Varies depending on type of device)
(Conversion parts are required when thickness changes)
Production ManagementManagement of equipment availability through production management monitoring screen
Option AvailableCommunication interface SECS-I/SECS-II, HSMS, GEM
UtilitiesInput Power Supply
Single Phase 100VAC (±5% input variation) 50/60Hz  (other voltages require transformer)
Power Consumption
Approx.1.2kVA (1.1kW)
500kPa (5 kgf/cm2) 102L/min
-74kPa (-550 mmHg) or below (gauge)
Physical Dimensions and Mass1,244W × 964D × 2,092H mm  Approx.520 kg

※Configuration and specifications of this machine are subject to partial modification without prior notice.

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