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Adoption of Proposal for NEDO’s Open-Call R&D Project

Development of Chip-on-Wafer Direct Bonding 3D Stacking Integration Technology for Post-5G

Proposed by Yamaha Robotics Holdings Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Tokyo, Japan; President: Ryosuke Nakamura), “Development of Chip-on-Wafer Direct Bonding 3D Stacking Integration Technology for Post-5G” was adopted by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (hereinafter “NEDO”) as one of the development topics for its open-call project, Research and Development of Enhanced Infrastructures for Post 5G Information and Communications Systems / Developing Technologies for Manufacturing Leading-Edge Semiconductors. The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology and Tokyo University of Science will participate as joint research partners, and our subsidiary, Shinkawa Ltd. will conduct some of the development.

Click here for NEDO’s press release (Japanese)

For more than 50 years, we have led the development of leading-edge technologies for semiconductor back-end processes. Particularly in the advanced 2.5D/3D packaging area, we provide chip-on-wafer 3D packaging equipment and wafer-level molding equipment to major semiconductor manufacturers around the world.

While design shrinkage in front-end process, which has driven semiconductor performance improvement and cost reduction, is getting close to its limits, the next performance improvement is expected to come from the semiconductor back-end process. Chip stacking technologies such as 3D packaging have rapidly expanded their application over the past few years and are now widely used in memories such as NAND Flash and DRAM. In recent years, the application to logic LSIs and other devices has begun, and there is a growing demand for higher speed signal transmission performance through further shrinkage of bonding pitch and lower junction resistance, as well as for advanced packaging technology to realize such performance.

To meet these requirements, we will develop environmentally friendly chip-on-wafer direct bonding technology to integrate multiple semiconductor chips, including very thin chips, with high productivity and high yield.

We will contribute to the early realization of the Post-5G society and the enhancement of Japan's semiconductor manufacturing technology through the development of leading-edge technology and equipment necessary for advanced semiconductors.

About the Yamaha Robotics Holdings Group
Yamaha Robotics Holdings Group, a member of the Yamaha Motor Group, was formed in July 2019 through the merger of Shinkawa Ltd. and Apic Yamada Corporation, which have led the development of advanced technologies for semiconductor back-end processes in the fields of bonders and molds for over half a century, and PFA Corporation, which has over 30 years of experience providing various production equipment in the field of factory automation.
By integrating Japan's manufacturing capabilities, bonder, mold, and factory automation technologies, we have become a "Turn-Key provider in the semiconductor back-end process and electronic component mounting fields," creating new process technologies originating in Japan and providing total solutions that exceed our customers' expectations.

Yamaha Robotics Holdings Co., Ltd.SHINKAWA LTD.

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